Storing A Better Way

Storing A Better Way

Five Plans To Make Before Moving Day

Janet Alexander

When moving day arrives, you are bound to be busy and perhaps a bit overwhelmed. If you have the day planned out well, there will be fewer surprises and challenges to worry about. Here are five big plans you need to make before moving day.

Plan Your Arrival Time

If you are moving into an apartment, make sure you call your new landlord and confirm the time at which you're allowed to get the keys and officially move in. This way, you can let your moving company know the ideal arrival time, and they can plan their departure time accordingly. You would not want the movers to arrive at your new place only to find that the landlord is not there and you can't get in for another four hours!

Plan Your Parking Spot

Especially if you are moving into a city apartment, finding parking for a big moving truck may not be easy. You can plan ahead for this obstacle by calling the landlord (or perhaps your realtor if you bought a house rather than renting). They may be able to have residents of nearby apartments park elsewhere for the day so there's room for he moving truck, or perhaps they'll let you know where there's a good spot to park on the street. 

If your landlord or realtor cannot help with your parking plans, try calling the town or city where you're moving. At the very least, they can tell you about any parking restrictions on your new street so you don't accidentally park illegally and incur a fine.

Decide What You'll Move Personally

There are bound to be some things you want to take with you personally rather than have your movers transport. Valuable jewelry, important documents, and cash are good examples. Make sure you decide what you'll transport yourself before moving day arrives so you can set these things aside. You don't want to have to watch the movers constantly as they pack just to pick out items you don't want to transport.

Make a Plan For Cleaning

Even if you do a lot of cleaning before moving day arrives, there will be some things to clean after everything is packed into the moving truck. Plan ahead for this cleaning session by setting aside cleaning products and equipment you'll need. You don't want all of your mops and cleaners to be packed away in the moving truck when you need them for last-minute cleaning! Make a list of spots to clean on moving day so you don't accidentally skip any necessary tasks and put your security deposit at risk.

Plan For Paying Your Movers

Every moving company has different policies when it comes to payment. Yours may require all or half payment up front, or they may charge you when the move is over. They might prefer cash, or they might only accept cards. Make sure you read your moving company's payment policy before moving day so you're prepared with the proper payment option. (If they require a cashier's check, for instance, you'll need to obtain this from your bank in advance. 

Make sure you also plan on tipping your moving company. Tipping $10 or $20 per mover is conventional. Hand the cash to each mover individually, and base your exact tip on the quality of the service you get.

The more you plan ahead for your move, the smoother the moving process will go. If you have any questions throughout your planning process, reach out to your moving company. They can let you know what has worked well for previous customers and give you some personalized advice. You can also visit websites like


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