Storing A Better Way

Storing A Better Way

3 Ways To Make Your Winter Move Go Off Without A Hitch

Janet Alexander

Moving in the winter has plenty of advantages - it is not hot outside, so you are not going to get all sweaty and have to worry about heat exhaustion and you are not going to have to pay peak prices in order to get professional assistance with your move. There are some challenges with moving in the winter though as well - you have to deal with colder weather and more moisture. Here are four things you can do to make sure that your winter move goes off without a hitch.

#1 Hire Some Moving Help

By moving in the winter time, you avoid having to pay peak moving prices for moving assistance. Winter is generally a slow time in the moving industry, and you are more likely to find great deals on moving services at this time of year, which is why you should definitely hire some moving help. Packing up all of your stuff and shoulder the physical burden of moving everything can be exhausting and even unrealistic depending on your schedule and physical abilities. Hiring someone to assist you with packing up your home, or with moving your belongings, can reduce the mental strain and physical stress that moving can put you through.

#2 Hire Someone To Clean Up

When you move in the winter, you are more than likely going to have to deal with moisture. The ground outside is going to be wet, and its not realistic to ask your movers to take off their shoes every time they come in and out of your home. You should protect the floors by putting down plastic or paper and making pathways through your home. You should also leave mats by the door for people to clean their feet off with.

You can keep out some cleaning supplies and go back through your home and clean the floors once the movers are done. Or you can keep things simple on your end and just hire a cleaning service come in and clean up. That way, you don't have to stress about making sure your old home is clean and that you'll get your deposit back, you can just focus on your new home.

#3 Clean The Walkways

Before your moves show up, spend a little time cleaning off the walkways. If there are leaves on your walkways and driveway, rake them up or use your leaf blower to get rid of them. If you have puddles of water, try to brush the water out of the way. If the ground is icy or snowy, put down some melting agents to reduce the risk of slipping and falling. 

Try to make your walkways and driveway at both your old and new home as clean as possible. This will make it easier for both yourself and the movers to navigate without getting wet or injured during your move. 

When moving in the winter, always clean up the walkways and sidewalks before the movers arrive. Spend some money on moving and cleaning help to make the moving process easier on you both physically and mentally. Take advantage of off-peak moving prices to get all of the assistance you need with your move. Contact a company, like Walsh Moving & Storage, for more help.


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