Storing A Better Way

Storing A Better Way

Think It's Time To Move To A New Home? Tips For Success In Your Relocation

Janet Alexander

Moving is a big step that requires careful forethought and planning, despite the reason to move, be it relocating to a more spacious property, rising home equity, or a new job offer. But, although the process can sometimes be strenuous and draining, it comes with several benefits, including countless opportunities to make new friends, sell the current property, and raise loved ones in better neighborhoods. That being said, here are some tips to help you prepare for successful, stress-free moving:

1.       Find a reliable moving company

Suppose you have relocated before. In that case, you're likely familiar with the process's challenges. Common issues most relocating individuals and families face include accidents like tripping over packages or sharp items and subsequent physical injuries. People also drop boxes, leading to costly damages. The hassles of moving also often lead to a loss of personal documents and priceless items. Fortunately, professional movers can help you avoid such complications and more. That is why you should hire their services. But, working with a reputable and trustworthy moving company is a prerequisite to a successful relocation. You can ask people you trust for recommendations to ensure you have a reliable mover at your disposal. But, before working with a particular service provider, carefully assess their licensing, insurance policies, track record, and online reviews. A trustworthy company should also charge transparent rates and provides references without hesitation.

2.       Make a checklist

You can't plan a successful relocation without a checklist. That is so because, first, a well-documented list helps you keep track of all the items you need to relocate with. That, in turn, enables you to avoid forgetting necessary belongings. A comprehensive activity list is also essential in coordinating other household members and assigning tasks. Besides, using an itinerary is a sure-fire way to stay organized and avoid pitfalls that may slow down relocation. An outstanding moving checklist should remind you to visit the community you plan to join, allow you to budget and spend accordingly and include a list of items you'll need in your new home and those that should be left behind. You may also write down several questions to ask your movers, including liability coverage and cancellation policies.  

3.       Declutter

Moving allows you to declutter and dispose of unnecessary or useless items. Therefore, before your movers step in and take over the relocation process, try to do it fast. You can start by tossing the trash and organizing everything in its proper places, like clothes in drawers and utensils in kitchen cabinets. If there's anything you find unused, worn out, or insubstantial, consider throwing it away. You may also donate functional items you don't need anymore because, for instance, you've outgrown them or bought better versions. A decluttered home will allow you to organize things faster, clean easily, and focus on what matters, i.e., worry-free relocation.


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