Storing A Better Way

Storing A Better Way

Prepare For An Impending Move To Your New Home

Janet Alexander

Moving to a larger home can seem like an exciting prospect, but can also cause tremendous stress if packing and transportation needs aren't handled in a methodical manner. If you, your spouse, and teenaged children are all willing to prepare for the impending move, use the tips below to assist with the task.

Request That Each Person Pack Their Personal Belongings

Instead of haphazardly packing items in a hurry and placing the contents of your home in one or two rooms, ease into the packing process by formulating a plan that involves having each family member pack their own belongings. Purchase plenty of packing supplies, including large totes with lids, small waterproof containers, cardboard cartons, foam cushioning, packing tape, scissors, labels, and permanent markers.

Give each family member an equal amount of the packing supplies and request that they use spare time to pack everything. Once finished, family members should place totes, containers, and boxes on one side of the room that they packed items in. Of course, you should stress that plenty of clothing, personal hygiene items, and other necessities needed prior to the move are set aside.

Have Furniture And Heavy Items Handled By A Moving Crew

Furnishings and heavy items that you are not comfortable preparing for the move can be handled by moving companies in your area. Call a moving company to reserve a date for the move and provide the person who answers your call with details about the items that you will need assistance with.

By giving a moving company a heads up, moving crew members will be sure to bring along tools and packing equipment that is needed to prepare your possessions and stabilize them in a moving vehicle. A moving crew will also assist with moving items into your new home and setting them up in various rooms, saving you time and energy.

Tabulate The Items Being Transported And Label Boxes

Grab a notebook, marker, and labels and walk room to room to write down the number of boxes each person has packed and a brief description of the contents. Write down information about boxes that contain household items too, such as cookware, dishes, and linens. Use the marker to label the outside of each box. Place the name of the person who owns the items packed inside of the cartons and number the boxes.

For totes and plastic containers, adhere labels to the outside of them and write on the labels who owns what is stored inside of each tote or container. This method will make it easy for you to keep track of items once they are dropped off at your new home and you will be able to give each family member their belongings. 


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