Storing A Better Way

Storing A Better Way

What Do Movers Expect From You As Their Client?

Janet Alexander

Moving is a lot of work. It's really nice to be able to hire movers and let them worry about the more complicated logistics, such as loading boxes into the moving truck and transporting them. But if you're like most people, you still feel the need to be involved in the moving process, at least to some degree. You may also be wondering what the movers expect from you, as their client. If you can manage to do the three things below, you'll make life easier for your movers and your moving experience will likely go more smoothly as a result.

Remove the rugs from your home

When movers are carrying heavy boxes and furniture, rugs can be a tripping hazard. It is all too easy for them to catch their foot under the edge of a rug and trip. Before the movers arrive, go through your home and pick up all the rugs. If there are carpets you are worried about them walking on with shoes, you can tape cardboard down to make "runners" into those rooms. Some movers have it in their contract that clients have to pick up the rugs before their arrival. Even if it's not in the contract, this is a thoughtful thing to do.

Pack up the items you plan on moving yourself before their arrival

Are there items you really want to pack and move yourself, such as jewelry and underwear? Try to get this done before your movers arrive. You can then take the packed boxes with you, or you can leave them packed for the movers to transport. Either way, it is best to have this done before the movers get there so you're not scrambling to try to pack while they are also trying to work in your home.

Be reachable throughout the process

You and your movers might think you've covered all the bases and figured everything out before they start moving. However, there are often surprises that come up. A sofa might not fit through the doorway, and the movers might want your permission to remove its legs. Or, they might find you have more boxes than planned and need you to "okay" an extra fee. Make sure you are reachable throughout the moving process so you can answer their calls promptly. Turn your phone volume on, and keep your phone close to you.

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