Storing A Better Way

Storing A Better Way

Packing It Up Right: 6 Tips For Packing Your Fragile Items

Janet Alexander

Whether it's glasses or ceramic vases, you need to know that your items are going to be safe when they're being moved. Fragile items require a little bit more care when you're packing, but they can be transported safely if you follow a few tips. 

1. Get Some Fragile Stickers

Before you call your moving company, place fragile stickers on the boxes that are going to be moved. Make sure to put stickers on each side of the box; if you put it in one area, it may not be immediately visible. Your moving company is going to pack your fragile items separately, so they aren't jostled around during transportation.

2. Make Sure They Don't Move

It isn't enough to just pad your fragile items. You need to put enough padding in each of your boxes so that the items don't move or shake. The more shaking it does, the more likely it is that two items are going to crack each other.

3. Pack Large, Fragile Items Separately

You don't want to throw a bunch of glass items in the same box. Instead, consider placing things that are delicate with softer items; your vase can be surrounded by old blankets, for instance. Cardboard items do compress, so hard items are going to be pressed against each other.

4. Use Smaller Boxes

The heavier and larger your boxes are, the more difficult they are to move. The more difficult they are to move, the more likely it is that they will be treated roughly. Pack your fragile items in boxes that are small but still allow some room for padding. 

5. Look for Reinforced Boxes

Reinforced cardboard boxes are a lot like the boxes that you see wine coming in. They have reinforced structures inside of the box itself so that you can slot your fragile items right in. These boxes are far less likely to get dented or compressed during a move, and they don't cost much more. 

6. Use Plastic Boxes

If you're very concerned, you may want to consider the purchasing of plastic bins. Not only will plastic bins protect your items more than cardboard, but a see-through plastic bin will also show everyone that they need to be careful with the interior content. 

Talk to moving companies if you have any specific concerns about the items that you're sending. You can also consider packing some of your exceptionally fragile items in your car's trunk, so they never see the interior of a shipping van.


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